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At Digital Force, we offer white-label Adwords management that agencies can offer to their clients. Our Adwords management seeks to go the extra measure and has been well-known to deliver immediate results right from Day One. We perform our Adwords work locally, in Melbourne, and seek to build campaigns that are comprehensive, strategically-planned, continuously tracked and ultimately, best placed to obtain a return on investment for clients.

In developing Adwords campaigns we look at everything, from the keywords we target to the Ad copy we test, to the landing pages we generate to best convert visitors into customers. We seek to leave no stone unturned in delivering value for clients, so that their businesses grows and the agencies we partner with benefit.

So if you’re based in Melbourne, drop us a line. We’d love to grab a coffee with you to discuss the opportunities and solutions that can deliver value to clients and take your agency to the next level.

Our Adwords Management Process

We undertake the following activities when undertaking Adwords Management:

  • We seek to firstly building a comprehensive understanding of the business or organisation, including their brand and personality, overall business objectives, marketing plan and activities, products or services, targeted location areas and competitors.
  • Campaign Mapping: In the campaign mapping phase, we develop the blueprint of the campaign. We undergo a thorough keyword analysis to specifically identify the keywords that will work in generating high quality web traffic for the client. We then proceed to map an Adwords campaign in a way that is well organised and most effective in yielding results. This process includes relevantly grouping keywords, formulating suitable Ad copy, setting bid amounts and identifying the best landing pages in which to take visitors for relevant keywords.
  • Campaign Implementation: Once the mapping process is completed, we implement it into the Adwords system of the client’s account. In this stage, we also setup conversion tracking measures and also implement any relevant extensions.
  • Improvements & Monitoring: We perform the following activities in an ongoing fashion to optimise, refine and deliver leads and sales for clients.

    Keyword Changes – We look to continually identify other relevant keywords that may be of benefit to the client’s campaign and test these keywords to see if they are effectively gaining conversions. Furthermore we look to remove or disqualify keywords that are not benefitting the client’s campaign.

    Bid adjustments – We modify the bids of keywords so they are most optimally positioned for a return on investment

    Ad Copy Changes – We will continually test and modify Ad copy to discover which Ads work best for quality visitor click through.

    Web Copy Improvements – Through content improvements to landing pages of a client’s website, we will look run a better converting campaign.

    Quality score improvements – We look to improve on the quality score and effectiveness of a campaign by re-organising Adword groups and making the relevant tweaks and changes so a campaign is run most cost-effectively.

  • Reporting: Monthly reports will be issued to provide key performance metrics and campaign progress.
  • Ensuring Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are properly setup to measure campaign success.
  • Finding the right, high-quality places across the web to put links that link back to the client’s website
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