Digital Strategy

A clear marketing strategy is crucial for an organisation or business to meets its goals. Likewise, a clear digital marketing strategy enables online success and allows for the right activities to be performed in the right areas to most effectively drive sales and/or engagement to a business.

Our Marketing Strategy Process

In developing a marketing strategy and action plan, we undertake the following process:

  • Understand the organisation, including:

    1, A business’ goals and strategic plan

    2. Data and information collected about the organisation or business’ brand and existing marketing

    3. Developments in the industry/sector in which an organisation or business operates

    4. Information on partners and competitors.

  • Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that:

    1. Involves a review of existing marketing

    2. Outlines market segments to target (current and future)

    3. Identifies the key activities and platforms the client should undertake to meet its goals

    4. Proposes marketing ideas that can be carried out and maximised through digital marketing efforts

    5. Outlines the roadmap of each key activity and steps to achieve success

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