Email Marketing

Email marketing involves using email to outreach, develop and maintain relationships with customers and supporters of an organisation or business.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our process is dependent on the objectives of the organisation or business and the nature of their customer and/or supporter base.  Our process usually involves:

  • Understanding the business and marketing objectives and plan of the client as well as the organisation’s personality. We particularly look to understand the targeted audience of the client, the style and tone of voice and the value proposition points of a business.
  • In creating an email campaign, we identify what content should be included in the email campaign. This involves also identifying what would be of interest and of value to the audience, identifying the actions we want a user to take and understanding what would best compel a desirable action.
  • Creating emails with suitable copy, imagery and call to actions to best convert viewers
  • Setting up landing pages on a client website, where suitable, to more effectively convert users
  • Tracking responses and looking to make adjustments to subsequent email campaigns to better improve results
  • Building a client’s email database by creating subscription funnels and offering items that may be valuable to a user.
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