Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation enables organisations and businesses to be ranked highly on search engines when key terms relating to the products or services offered by the organisation or business, are typed into Google. Performed effectively, SEO enables clients to drive more traffic to their website and obtain higher quality web users that are intent on using a client’s product or service, resulting in enhanced sales.

Our SEO Process

The process of SEO requires firstly choosing the right keywords to target and having a good understanding of the client’s target market, and what they are typing into search engines like Google to find the client’s product or service. We seek to understand the objectives of the client and to tailor their SEO strategy to their business strategy. Our work consists of onsite optimisation work to enable a site to be in a good shape to be found, and concurrently offsite optimisation work, performed away from a website, to also enable strong placed rankings.

Our process to build a Search Engine Optimisation strategy and action plan involves the following activities:

  • Understanding the client’s target market and undertaking a keyword analysis with detailed data derived so the client can choose the right keywords to target that will generate quality web traffic
  • Identifying the best strategic approach to get the client’s website to the top places Google and other search engines for selected keywords
  • Identifying the right website architecture that will provide the framework for effective results.
  • Ensuring that that website is optimised so that it has every single element primed for rankings success. These elements include meta-tag, header tag, internal link and image optimisation. We also make sure that the right microdata of the website is implemented for optimal SEO.
  • Creating and modify content for new or existing webpages to improve rankings and also better engage and convert users.
  • Ensuring Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are properly setup to measure campaign success.
  • Finding the right, high-quality places across the web to put links that link back to the client’s website
  • Outreaching to web owners and develop relationships of mutual benefit in efforts to link build
  • Creating content articles to put onsite and offsite in high quality places to enhance authority of the website and boost web rankings
  • Promoting created content where suitable so that it has maximum exposure and opportunities to be shared and proliferated
  • Positioning company details in high-quality and relevant directories
  • Setting up and optimising the business’s Google My Business Page
  • Reporting so client can monitor ranking results, web metrics and work performed.
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