Social Media Management

It is no secret that social media has become ubiquitous and big part of many of our socialising today. In many instances, traditional marketing ‘touch points’ such as consumer magazines, radio and TV appear have been replaced by social media. Social media provides an opportunity to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to an organisation or business’ website and target a user group and dramatically drive sales.

Our Social Media Process

The process to build a social media strategy and action plan involves the following activities:

  • Building understanding of a business or organisation, including their brand and personality, overall business objectives, marketing plan and activities, partners and competitors.
  • Undertaking a market analysis, including a look a client’s target market segments and social platforms, campaigns and strategies run by competitors.
  • Forming a strategic plan to build and engage targeted audiences for the purpose of achieving business goals, and particularly, how advertising efforts can be coordinated to achieve this.
  • Developing a content plan, including a posting schedule, effective targeted ads and any article creation that may be a part of the devised strategy.
  • Optimising the profile pages of the social platforms we utilise to best reflect a brand, engage an audience and allow and inspire desired actions.
  • Setting up tracking so that the success of a campaign and be effectively tracked and monitored.
  • Setting up and optimising the business’s Google My Business Page
  • Outreaching where suitable to develop new relationships of value.
  • Responding to comments where suitable and engaging an audience.
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